Conceiving A Girl | How To Conceive A Girl (This Helped Me)
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Conceiving A Girl | How To Conceive A Girl

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Learn How To Conceive A Baby Girl

A lot of individuals and couples are troubled and concerned on how to increase the odds in conceiving a baby girl. Conceiving a baby girl can be a tough work to deal with. It requires a lot of effort and time. If you really are settled to and convinced to have a daughter than a son, then you should prepare yourself in understanding all the information and facts that the world can offer you. It requires a lot of information that serves as a basis to further broaden your understanding. There are two types of information that can be gathered to increase your odds in conceiving a baby girl, which are scientific and superstition/ make beliefs.

First are the scientific methods, which can be more realistic. According to the world center for human reproduction, there are two tested techniques that can be reliable and trustworthy in predicting a baby's gender. These are the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and the Microsort, which is still on its experimental stage. There are also natural methods that are scientifically proven to support in predicting a baby's gender. These natural methods are shettles method, Basal Body Temperature (BBT), calcium and magnesium diet, and lastly Ericsson method. There are also superstition methods that can provide you possible solution, which is the Chinese birth calendar. The Chinese birth calendar method is the only method that had been proven by some people, which can increase the odds on conceiving a baby girl.

There are steps that can help people in increasing the possibility of conceiving a baby girl. First, women should know more about how their body works. This will be the baseline of all steps and methods. Then you must further broaden your knowledge with the natural methods. These natural methods can help you in achieving your goal. There are things you need to know and understand these things are as follows:

The Ovulation And Conception Timing

Women must accurately know when they are ovulating. There are natural methods to help women in determining when their ovulation period, such as the basal body temperature and cervical mucus method. By using a full moth charting or even a 3 months of cervical mucus women can be able to determine and pinpoint exactly when their ovulation is. Sexual intercourse should be done 3 days before ovulation in order to increase the odds in conceding a girl baby.

Adjustment of Calcium and Magnesium Diet and Avoidance of Sodium and Potassium
Women diets that are rich in calcium and magnesium can increase the women's alkalinity of their vagina, which can minimize the population of male sperm that will allow female sperm to increase the possibility to enter the fertilized egg. The acidity of women's vagina can weaken the Y chromosomes or the male sperm. Male sperm are few but can move faster than female sperm by increasing the vagina's alkalinity this will favor female sperm by providing male sperm inhospitable environment during their travel. Also avoid foods that are rich in salt and potassium, which can create a more hospitable environment for male sperms.

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